What is NCARH?

"NCARH" stands for the North Carolina Association of Residence Halls, a State Association representing the State of North Carolina. NCARH is currently comprised of 16 affiliated schools, throughout NC, affiliation is open to all Universities/Colleges within NC who have an active RHA, RSA, or IRC. NCARH has an annual conference, usually in February, where delegations from all affiliated institutions gather at one of the NCARH affiliated schools to learn and share programming ideas, discuss and develop dialogue about residential living topics, conduct any formal NCARH business, and recognize accomplishments of NCARH schools, and students.  


Our Vision

NCARH is an organization dedicated to serving the resident students of North Carolina. We provide a communication network between all member schools and host an annual conference to provide a forum for students to discuss pertinent issues from residence halls all around the state.In addition to providing a line of communication, NCARH strives to recognize outstanding student leaders and their accomplishments on both the campus and state levels. Students are given an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills and to develop lasting relationships with students from other schools, in addition to furthering their own personal and career development goals. 


Our Mission

The North Carolina Association of Residence Halls serves to create a link among the residence hall communities and leadership through the state of North Carolina through communication, recognition, personal development, professional development, and representation.