Annual NCARH Conference

About NCARH Leadership Conference

Every year NCARH holds an annual state conference in February. This conference serves as an opportunity for schools throughout the state to meet, exchange ideas, attend programming sessions, and have LOTS of fun. The conference is held at member school which is pre-determined by a bid the hosting school won the previous year at the NCARH conference.

Each school sends several delegates to the conference and each delegation is led by the school's NCARH Communications Coordinator (NCC).

There are three boardrooms at the NCARH conference. Combined, NCC, and Recognition. Affiliated schools are permitted speaking rights in ALL THREE boardrooms. Your school does not need an NRHH chapter to be in recognition boardroom. Members schools are allowed to recognize a delegate as the Recognition Rep who will serve as the schools voice and vote in the recognition boardroom. In both the combined and NCC boardroom the NCC has those privileges.  

About NCARH 2019: NCARHlodeon

We're excited to have you join us at NCARH Studios!

When: NCARH 2019 takes place from February 8th-10th

Where: University of North Carolina - Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.

The cost of NCARH 2019 is as follows: Delegate- $155.  Advsor- $180

This year we will be inviting 10 Rugrats (Delegates) and 2 Fairy God Parents (Advisors) from your Studio. If you are interested in hosting NCARH 2020 you can bring up to 14 Rugrats and 3 Fairy God Parents.

Registration Timeline

Registration closes: December 7th, 2018 at 11:59pm

Late Registration Opens: December 8, 2018

Late Registration Closes: December 15, 2018 at 11:59pm


Program Presentation

Thank you so much for your interest in presenting a program at NCARH 2019 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte! We are very excited to see the all the amazing programs you have to offer! At NCARH 2019, we will have five program tracks:

Leadership: "Becoming the Avatar": Master all the elements necessary to become a leader. Use what you have learned to become the avatar! Submit programs that showcase and/or teach your residents leadership skills.

Social: "The Salty Spitoon": During this track at the Studio, programs showcased will be those that help your Rugrats have fun and become “tough as nails!“ For this program track, submit programs that help build community by providing social outlets at your university!

Community Building: "Fairy World": During this program track, Rugrats come and take notes on what it takes to build a fun, beautiful, and inclusive world on your campus. Submit programs that will connect residents to residents, residents to staff, buildings to buildings, etc.

Diversity and Inclusion "The Secret Formula": Come showcase and experience how to construct the recipe for a great community. Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of Skin, Intellect, Talents or Years (DIVERSITY).

Miscellaneous: "Retroville"- Every program is unique and different in its own way. Submit programs to this track that don't necessarily fit into the other tracks.

All Programming Submissions are due January 6th, 2019

Show Us Your SPIRIT

Roll Call

Roll Call will take place the first night at the conference. It is meant to be a fun way for each delegation to introduce themselves and say hello to each delegation. The roll call can be in the form of either a song or skit that is 2-2.5 minutes long. In each school’s roll call every school must be represented in some way. Costumes are also highly encouraged to make roll call as fun and as entertaining as possible! Be creative and have fun! Good luck!


The banner should represent the NCARH theme, “NCARH-LODEON” in some way. It should also have each school represented on the banner. The banner should be made a king size pillow case.


The display should represent the NCARH theme “NCARH-LODEON” in some way. It should also have each school represented on in the display. The display is allowed to be a maximum of 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, and 2 feet long.

Spirit Points Explained : Click Here for More About Spirit Points Breakdown


Contact the Conference Chair at