Annual NCARH Conference

About NCARH Leadership Conference

Every year NCARH holds an annual state conference in February. This conference serves as an opportunity for schools throughout the state to meet, exchange ideas, attend programming sessions, and have LOTS of fun. The conference is held at member school which is pre-determined by a bid the hosting school won the previous year at the NCARH conference.

Each school sends several delegates to the conference and each delegation is led by the school's NCARH Communications Coordinator (NCC).

There are three boardrooms at the NCARH conference. Combined, NCC, and Recognition. Affiliated schools are permitted speaking rights in ALL THREE boardrooms. Your school does not need an NRHH chapter to be in recognition boardroom. Members schools are allowed to recognize a delegate as the Recognition Rep who will serve as the schools voice and vote in the recognition boardroom. In both the combined and NCC boardroom the NCC has those privileges.  


When: NCARH 2019 takes place from February 8th-10th

Where: University of North Carolina - Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.

Spirit Information

The overall spirit award will go to the delegation with the most spirit points and represents NCARH in good character.

Spirit Point Break Down

  • 5 pts: For trivia on our NCARH Facebook and Instagram.

  • 10 pts: For a picture of your delegation posted to social media (Facebook and Instagram) and #ncarh2019.

  • 20 pts: For posting a picture of your delegation with another delegation posted to social media (Facebook and Instagram) and #ncarh2019.

  • 30 pts: For a picture of your delegation with a conference staff or NCARH staff posted to social media (Facebook and Instagram) and #ncarh2019.

  • 40 pts: For a video of NCARH 2019 posted to social media (Facebook and Instagram) and #ncarh2018.

  • 50 pts: For every bid placed at NCARH.

  • 50 pts: For winning a golden airplane.

  • 500 pts: For winning Banner.

  • 500 pts: For winning Display.

  • 500 pts: For winning Roll Call.

*A golden airplane is given to a delegate by a conference staff when a delegate is showing outstanding spirit and/or character.

Roll Call

Roll Call will take place the first night at the conference. It is meant to be a fun way for each delegation to introduce themselves and say hello to each delegation. The roll call can be in the form of either a song or skit that is 2-2.5 minutes long. In each school’s roll call every school must be represented in some way. Costumes are also highly encouraged to make roll call as fun and as entertaining as possible! Be creative and have fun! Good luck!


The banner should represent the NCARH theme, “NCARH-LODEON” in some way. It should also have each school represented on the banner. The banner should be made a king size pillow case.


The display should represent the NCARH theme “NCARH-LODEON” in some way. It should also have each school represented on in the display. The display is allowed to be a maximum of 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, and 2 feet long.

Click Here for More About Spirit Points Breakdown




Program Tracks and Descriptions

Program proposal submissions are due (Date to be determined)  at midnight. No program proposals will be considered after that point. You will be notified if your program was accepted by (date to be determined.)

To submit a program proposal please fill out the form below:

Click Here for Program Proposal


This year’s philanthropy project will be benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald house is a place where families can stay while children need medical help. During the conference, each school will make cards to send to the children and families who are staying in the Ronald McDonald house. We would like each student to make at least one or two cards for a child.

What do you need to bring to NCARH for philanthropy?

Before the event, we are asking each school to collect the tabs off soda cans. The Ronald McDonald takes the tabs and recycles them to raise money to lower cost to families who cannot afford to stay at the house. Collect the tabs in bags and they will be judged by weight.



Contact the Conference Chair at

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