Fall Summit

About Fall Summit

Fall Summit is NCARH's annual business conference, typically hosted in October. Fall Summit 2018 will be hosted at UNC Greensboro.  For more details on Fall Summit 2018, please check back at a later date.

Institutions must be affiliated with NCARH to obtain voting rights at Fall Summit. Fall Summit not only features NCARH business, but now provides opportunities for roundtable discussions and leadership development sessions. We encourage institutions to consider bringing additional delegates that would not have traditionally attended Fall Summit in the past to take advantage of these new additions. According to UNCG's bid for Fall Summit 2018, Institutions may bring 1 Advisor, 2 NCCs (NCC and NCC-IT) and 2 Recognition Reps (Rec Rep and Rec-IT) for no cost. Any additional attendees will cost $10 each