Affiliation Survival Guide

Affiliation (Primary points of contact: AD of Membership and AD of Finance):

Fill out the affiliation form on the NCARH website at:

Pay dues - The $50 affiliation fee is due every year by the NCARH Annual Conference

Email the Associate Director of Membership at to express concerns and learn more information.

Membership (How to be a great active member of NCARH!)

NCARH Conference

  • Follow NCARH social media (Instagram, Facebook, GroupMe and more) to keep abreast on updates for the conference

  • Come up with ideas for how your school can embody the theme of the conference for the year (this year (2019): NCARHlodeon)

Silver Seymours & Recognition

  • Submit Silver Seymours! One of the pillars of NCARH is recognition and Silver Seymours are NCARH’s form of monthly recognition. Submit monthly silver seymours for a chance to be recognized across the state!

  • See for more information.

Join a Committee!

  • NCARH consists of six different committees. These committees are your way of making your voice heard in NCARH. The committees are as follows:

  • State Planning Committee

  • Finance & Recruitment Standards Committee

  • Constitution & Policy Committee

  • Marketing & Public Relations Committee

  • Silver Seymour Committee

  • Affiliation Committee

  • See for a more detailed description of what each committee entails.

Boardroom & Legislation

  • Boardroom is the official meeting of NCCs, advisors, and other student leaders at the conference. Virtual Business meetings are conducted throughout the year to keep everyone abreast on what is happening with NCARH. The typical format of these meetings uses Parliamentary Procedure in order to maintain efficiency and professionalism.

  • Represent the voice of your institution by proposing new legislation for discussions during Boardroom!

  • See here for a general description of Parliamentary Procedure & expectations during Boardroom:


  • Bidding is our way of having every school nominate/petition for someone or some institution to earn a particular award or leadership position on the State Board of Directors.

  • See here for FAQs on Bidding:

Know our Constitution & Policies!