Position descriptions of the open SBD Positions

AD of Finance

Financially advise the SBD.

Oversee the bookkeeping of the NCARH account(s).

Serve as financial advisor to the NCARH Conference Treasurer.

Propose an annual budget in consultation with the NCARH Advisor and Director.

Give quarterly reports for the SBD.

With the advisor at his/her institution, co-sign all NCARH checks.

Assume the responsibilities in the absence of the Director.

Coordinate all fundraising efforts of NCARH.

Audit the current NCARH Conference during which his/her term expires.

Coordinate the re-affiliation of all NCARH member schools.

Assume any duties delegated by the NCARH Director.

Keep in regular contact with NCARH Advisor

AD of Membership

Coordinate recruitment of schools in the state of North Carolina

Create recruitment materials to send to prospective institutions

Contact prospective institutions prior to the registration of annual

conferences and business meetings

Shall be charged with overseeing the Historically Black College and

University (HBCU) affiliation committee

i. The committee will focus on the recruitment of HBCU’s

ii. The committee will foster a community for HBCU’s to share

program ideas, struggles, etc. that are found primarily on HBCU


iii. The committee is not to be used to exclude any schools, but to

act as an additional community and support for schools.

Act as a student representative alongside the NCHO HBCU


Actively assist RHA organizations.

Serve as liaison between state RHA organizations.