Programming Tracks

1. Statue of Liberty: Diversity

This programming track is about how to celebrate the many different diversities you will encounter as a leader. Programs are all about celebrating diversity and embracing diversity and cultures that are different from your own.

2.Mount Everest:  Achieving Goals

This programming track is about how to achieve those exceedingly hard goals. Everyone knows you have to work hard to get far. Programs in this category can include ways to achieve short term and long term goals.

3. Colosseum:  Community Building

This programming track is about building a strong community to last. The Colosseum was built in 70 AD and continues to stand to this day; as campus leaders, we want to influence and build strong communities to last (hopefully) just as long as the Colosseum.

4. Victoria Falls:  Strengths

This programming track is about unlocking your inner strengths and how to best apply those strengths to the real world. Programs should be focused on how to best use your strengths to become successful and how to best use those strengths in the real world.

5. Galapagos Islands:  Self-Care

This programming track should be focused on self- care. Programs in this category should focus on how to feel like you took a vacation to the islands without having to actually travel. Self-care is crucial, and as campus leaders, we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves.

6.Sydney Opera House:  Social

Programs in this track should just be basic social programs. We all enjoy arts and leisure, and sometimes we just need a break from the constant hustle and bustle that is college.

7.Vinson Massif:  Education

This programming track is all about education. Sometimes we need to take a minute and discover the world around us. Help someone "learn something new every day".