Recognition & Bidding

Recognition is a core value of NCARH's mission. Annually, the following awards are given at the NCARH conference during the banquet to recognize excellence among NCARH-affiliated institutions and members. Silver Seymours are NCARH's monthly form of recognition. To learn more about Silver Seymours, click here

School Awards

Bids Voted on by NCARH:

NRHH Building Block Chapter of the Year
NRHH Chapter of the Year
Program of the Year
School of the Year
Building RHA of the Year

Decided on by Host Institution & State Board:

NCARH Genie Award (Awarded by SBD)
Best Display Award (Awarded by Host Institution)
Best Roll Call Award (Awarded by Host Institution)
Most Spirited Delegation Award (Awarded by Host Institution)
Philanthropy Award (Awarded by Host Institution)


Individual Awards

Bids Voted on by NCARH:

Advisor of the Year
Distinguished Service Award
First Year Experience Award
NCC of the Year
Student of the Year
President of the Year

Other individual awards:

Most Spirited Delegate (Awarded by Host Institution)
Top Conference Program(s) Awar (Awarded by Host Institution)
Starfish Awards (Awarded by NCCs)
NCARH 4 Year Service Award (Awarded by SBD)
RHA Case Study Competition (Awarded by SBD)
NRHH Case Study Competition (Awarded by SBD)
First-Time Case Study Competition (Awarded by SBD)
State Board Recognition Pins (Awarded by SBD)