NCARH Director: Gabby Turner

My name is Gabby Turner, and I am so happy to be your NCARH Director for this year (YEAR NUMBER 2!!!). I am a Senior at UNCW studying Marketing Strategy. Along with being on the SBD, I will be an RA, and the VP of Public Relations for NRHH during the 2019-2020 this year! I have served as a VP of Public Relations on two different area councils and am thankful for the opportunity to be on the SBD. My current hobbies are reading, watercolor painting, and going to conferences.

I’m in charge of all of NCARH’s social media. So, make sure to follow the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you have any ideas you want to see on the cool merch for the upcoming conference, feel free to reach out to me!

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Associate Director of Finance (Vacant)

Associate Director of Administration (Vacant)

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Associate Director of Media Marketing (Vacant)



Associate Director of Membership (Vacant)

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Associate Director of Recognition

Hello! My name is Jessie Johnson, and I am ecstatic to be your AD of Recognition. I am currently hosted at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro going to my junior year studying biology with a minor in chemistry. Some of my favorite things are llamas, very berry hibiscus refreshers from Starbucks, and thrift shopping. While at UNCG, I have been involved as a recognition chair for my hall council, NCC, and a member of NRHH. I am so excited to be able to recognize all the hard work that goes on at each of the member institutions through Silver Seymours as well as connecting with the Rec Reps in the upcoming year. I can’t wait to begin our journey together! Seymour love!


Conference Chair

Hey all! My name is Tyler Minor and I am an Environmental Science major at App State. I love the earth and the water and the air and all those things. I grew up in Camden, NC and I'm never going to live in a town that small ever again.

As one of NCARH's Conference Chairs I am really looking forward to creating a smooth, eventful, and palatable conference experience for all of you. However, beyond just the conference, I really hope to work on tangible resources and that will set NCARH apart and turn it into something truly transformative for student leaders at every part of their journey.

Fun fact / "humble" brag; I speak 7 languages.


NCARH Advisor

Host institution: North Carolina State University 

Position: Residence Director

Graduate Program: Higher Education Administration

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